Lauren and Tucker

Back in the early days, my very first client was a delightful family who had a geriatric standard poodle with the temperament of a diva and a sweetness like you could never imagine! He was fun and goofy and he liked to create chaos by demonstrating a high level of intelligence and spatial reasoning. I heard stories of him pushing stools across the kitchen floor so that he could step up to a counter and grab food, swallowing whole tennis balls and generally making quite a scene. He was a character with a sense of entitlement and tomfoolery who would wake me up in the morning by lapping up water from my glass on the night stand. When I'd be putting on my socks in preparation for a walk, he would pull them right off my feet...just because :)

I was so inspired by Tucker's antics that one day as I was learning the guitar, I decided to write my first EVER song about him, just for fun. Now several years later, I have written many songs and cared for many other amazing dogs- but I will always be thankful to that first wonderful family who welcomed me into their home to care for their awesome poodle! And I look forward to meeting and caring for many other sweet, intelligent and goofy dogs in the future.

Enjoy this song, written by me- owner and operator of Highland Pet Sitting!