“There's a reason we dote over our dogs. If it wasn't for the simple wag of a tail or a warm, moist nose on our knee, life might be a lot lonelier.”

- Lauren Groves

Welcome to my pet sitting website! My name is Lauren Groves and I am a native Austinite with an affinity towards animals, music, and storytelling. I am a proud Golden Retriever mama with 5 years experience working with dogs in a professional setting. This experience includes:

  • Veterinary clinic work
  • Doggy day cares & training facility work
    ...and most importantly:
  • 2½ years of dedicated volunteer work at Austin Pets Alive!

My strengths include:

  • Connecting with shy or fearful dogs
  • Caring for geriatric dogs
  • Administering injections (such as insulin)
  • Other medications or special needs

The three main services I offer are:

As a musician and freelance video editor in Austin, my passion lies with my art and my ability to spread positive energy to the beings around me. I always do my best to offer companionship to a client's dogs in the same way they would, and this promise also applies to the care of your home.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for questions or references. As this website evolves, I hope to include a link to a profile on Yelp or some other reputable reference site ;)